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Go with the flow...

  • 2 min read

Our range of high-performance silicone hoses are fast-becoming one of the first must-do modifications to your Fiesta or Focus.

We wanted to give you a bit more background about what goes into our hose design and development.

Here we take a look at our 
Fiesta ST induction hose in more detail...

Unlike any of the other hoses on the market the mountune induction hose features stainless steel wire-reinforced sections to replicate the OE hose and prevent deformation, whilst providing an acceptable degree of compliance for engine movement. It also utilises a billet insert that allows the retention of the original breather connector for easy DIY installation.

During the design and development phase we wanted to prove out the gains we believed we'd see so fitted both the OE hose and our silicone hose back-to-back on our in-house flowbench to see what the improvement in airflow performance was.

The flowbench measures CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) which gives you an accurate indication of how efficiently air will flow through an object, in this case the induction hose.

To replicate real-world conditions a mountune airbox and high-flow panel filter was also fitted to the end of both hoses being tested.

As you can see, the end result was a substantial increase in airflow over the OE hose, in excess of 35% in fact. 

In addition, calibration over-checking and subsequent dyno testing further confirmed the improvements this particular hose provides with a small increase in power available in the top 1000rpm.

Furthermore, selected mountune silicone hoses will not affect your vehicle's base warranty*  - the only hoses available on the market that can offer this and all of our silicone hose range also benefits from a limited lifetime warranty, too.

*Warranty support may vary by region, please check if you're outside of the UK PRIOR to ordering to confirm your local status.