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mountune Classic Engines

  • 2 min read

After a successful acquisition by the original founder, David Mountain and a team of expert industry investors in October 2020, globally renowned engine builder Mountune Racing is pleased to announce an exciting expansion to the core racing division’s product offering, to support a range of historic race engine builds, component design services and also to support those that require classic engine builds and restoration work, under the Mountune Classic Engines banner.

“Whilst our reputation has been forged on the back of designing and building race-winning engines incorporating the latest technology and principles, it’s easy to forget that we’ve also been developing and building a wide variety of customer engines to the highest level for over 40 years, which means we have built up a vast wealth of knowledge that can be applied to almost any application”, enthuses David Mountain.

“Our new Mountune Classic Engines offering is primarily aimed at the Ford engine’s, which we have a huge amount of experience with but we can also work on a number of other marques, whether it be a classic Jaguar XK or a Ferrari - if it’s from a historic race car or a classic car restoration project we’re happy to discuss”, he adds.

Stand-out engines include, but are by no means limited to: XFlow, Twin-Cam, BDA, BDT and the infamous YB, with engine rebuilds and redesigning / remanufacturing of components also available where required.

There’s also the option of a full engine dyno test available to customers with mountune-built engines and this facility can also be extended to any external companies looking for the exclusive use of engine dyno facilities.

If we can help with your classic engine or historic racing project we’d love to hear from you:
t. 01277 226666