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Brexit - European Customers, what you need to know

  • 2 min read

On 1st January 2021, the United Kingdom exited the European Union, known as Brexit.

European customers will be impacted by these events, so to ensure you know how this may affect you and your order, please read the details below.

As mountune is established and operates in the United Kingdom, our store displays prices both excluding VAT (what non-UK customers will pay after 1st January 2021) and including VAT at the designated UK rate of 20% (what customers in the UK pay). If you are browsing outside the UK, you should only be able to see the excluding VAT price.

European customers

For new orders placed after 1st January 2021

Any orders placed after 1st January, with a delivery address outside of the UK, will not be charged VAT at the time of purchase. However, you will be responsible for paying your local VAT charge and any applicable import duties, before delivery is made to you - see 'Import VAT' below.

Import VAT

For all orders shipped after 1st January 2021, you will be required to pay local VAT (taxes) and import duty charges, based on the value of your order, before it will be delivered to you.

It is your responsibility to understand the VAT rules in your country, and any charges which you will be required to pay, before placing an order.

These charges are a legal requirement in your country. The costs are not set or controlled by mountune, and the payment is not made to mountune.

The exact process depends on the courier being used, but typically the courier will present you with an invoice to pay before the goods are delivered, or an invoice will be sent to you requesting you to make a payment before delivery can take place.

If you do not pay these charges, your order may be withheld or returned to us, or the goods may be destroyed. In any instance, before any refund of your original payment, you will be liable for any costs or charges which are incurred, up to the full value of the goods.

Delivering to the EU

As additional paperwork is now required by the sender and the courier on all orders to EU countries, processing and shipping times are anticipated to take longer than prior to 1st January 2021.

Orders are still being shipped using our same trusted courier network, and you will receive full tracking information by email as before.

Customers in Northern Ireland

VAT remains unaffected as part of the Brexit process and we do not foresee any  immediate change to pricing or the way orders are shipped for customers in Northern Ireland. 

This page will be updated as any further clarification or changes to these new arrangements occur - Last updated 8.07.21.