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High-flow Carbon Fibre Turbo Inlet Elbow [EA888 Gen 3 Engines]

The mountune high-flow carbon fibre turbo inlet elbow has been carefully engineered to provide the ultimate airflow, heat-resistance, performance and aesthetic enhancements available for VAG models powered by the EA888 Gen 3 engine and a standard / hybrid turbocharger.

The internal bore size of this component has to step-down in size, much like a turbo restrictor would, so we were able to utilise the design principles and decades of experience from designing similar components used on our race engines in global touring car and rallycross championships.

Whilst nearly all other options use a constant diameter aluminium pipe, the end which mates to the turbo will have a large flat step, which makes it easier to manufacture cheaply, but as CFD analysis shows, doesn't aid airflow and actually increases turbulence.

By utilising carbon fibre, not only were we able to produce the exact internal transition required (that a fabricated version could not achieve), it also has the added benefit of preventing any unwanted heat transfer into the elbow itself.

On the flowbench the mountune carbon turbo inlet elbow also showed a 13% airflow improvement over the OE unit and also a marked improvement over several of the better fabricated options available elsewhere, too.

An easy bolt-on upgrade that allows your engine to breathe more efficiently, help produce more power and enhance engine bay aesthetics - the perfect addition to our high-flow induction hose and X3 induction system.