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High Flow Intake Heat Jacket [Mk7 Fiesta ST]

The mountune x Funk Motorsport heat jacket for the Mk7 Fiesta ST is a recommended addition for those running the mountune high-flow aluminium rear intake pipe.

Due to the pipe's location above the turbocharger and downpipe, it's possible that engine bay temperature - and in-turn intake temperatures are increased to the point that optimal power and torque output is not repeatedly achievable.

For those that want to maximise performance and reduce the possibility of detrimental engine bay heat-soak, our bespoke jacket acts as a thermal barrier, reflecting heat away, ensuring optimum power is achieved under all uses.

The jacket snuggly wraps around our high-flow intake pipework and is secured in place with velcro fasteners, for easy installation.

Please note: Intake pipe shown for illustrative purposes only and is not included with the heat jacket.