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Cold Air Induction System [Mk6 Fiesta ST]

Lid option: Standard

Based on the cold air induction package used in the highly successful mountune Fiesta ST MP165 and MP185 performance upgrades, this Cold Air Induction System (CAIS) features a dual cold air feed to a semi-sealed airbox, custom designed by mountune.

The existing cold air feed is utilised, along with a new dedicated cold air feed from the front grill, that draws cold air into the bottom of the air filter. This ensures this CAIS draws maximum cold air, rather than warm air from within the engine bay.

Removing the extensive restriction of the standard airbox, and replacing it with a well designed high-flow variant, means guaranteed performance increases, as well as a much sportier induction note.


  • Cotton gauze air filter
  • High quality silicone hoses
  • Injection moulded airbox lid and base with mountune badge
  • Black and yellow colour finish hoses
  • Porous lower hose
  • Brackets, adaptors and mounting hardware
  • Full installation instructions included
  • Optional Carbon Fibre airbox lid