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mTune SMARTflash m225 / m235 [Mk7 Fiesta ST]

Kit: Standard > m225HT + m235HT


The mountune m225 and m235 includes two performance calibration solutions for owners of Mk7 Fiesta ST looking for an ultra-convenient performance upgrade solution for their 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine, safely and effectively exploiting all of the available torque and power; improving performance and drivability, whilst adding a host of functionality, unique to mountune.

As with all mountune upgrades, both of the performance calibrations have been through our own stringent durability testing criteria to ensure engine robustness, whilst retaining all safety parameters, so you can have complete peace of mind. This upgrade also reads the standard calibration found on the vehicle at the time of upgrading, allowing you to easily return to stock if needed.

The mTune SMARTflash app allows you to easily DIY install and update calibrations to your ECU using nothing more than our app, the supplied Bluetooth OBD interface and your Smartphone; no laptop, no wires, no handsets, no problem!

The latest version of the app also provides data-logging, a fault code reader and a performance meter - for additional peace of mind, there's also an anti-theft option than can be easily installed to immobilise your vehicle.

For owners running a standard / non-mountune calibration currently, you'll need the standard to m225 / m235 option. A version of the m235 calibration is supplied that does not require your cam timing to be modified.

Existing owners of the Ford endorsed MP215 or MR230 upgrades can unlock the additional power, torque and functionality using the existing owner upgrade option. MR230 owners can also benefit from this higher performance calibration without the need to reset their cam timing to standard.

The OBD adaptor is supplied in a mountune soft case and includes both a mountune and a racing flag badge.


The SMARTflash m225 and m235 HT (high torque) calibrations safely and effectively exploit all of the available torque and power from the 1.6 EcoBoost engine running minimal - and more extensive performance hardware, delivering a responsive and exhilarating driving experience, that goes above and beyond previous calibration releases.

Power output may vary based on individual vehicle condition, fuel grade and method of recording.


• High-flow induction kit (preferably the mountune carbon induction kit)