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Oil Catch Can Kit [Mk4 Focus ST]

The mountune oil catch can kit has been engineered to provide the most easily installed, maintained and functional catch can setup available for the Mk4/4.5 Focus ST.

The billet aluminium body houses a complex labyrinth pathway and replaceable foam filter to to effectively separate oil vapour to ensure optimum engine performance and longevity whilst the internal volume has also been maximised to enhance the chamber size and reduce time between requiring any oil to be drained.

An integrated billet dipstick also allows easy in-situ checking of any excess oil collected, whilst a lower fitting allows for easy draining. For further ease of installation and maintenance, the whole assembly can also be removed via a single quick-release bolt.

The supplied bracket is quickly and easily installed utilising existing mounting points on the battery tray and due to this unique design and position, allows for clearance of the master-cylinder on both RHD and LHD vehicles. 

The kit is also supplied with pre-formed Fluoro silicone hoses (which prevent oil from penetrating through the silicone hose wall) and utilises new OE factory hose ends, allowing super-neat hose runs to be installed in minutes.

The whole kit is also fully reversible and doesn’t require any cutting or drilling.


• Helps prevent oil build-up in the intake and intercooler system walls
• Excessive oil collection can be an indicator of a damaged engine
• Lowers hydrocarbon emissions 
• Replaceable internal foam filter
• Integrated dipstick for easy oil level checking
• Quick-release catch can design for simplified maintenance
• Easily installed in minutes using pre-formed silicone Fluoro lines