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SMARTflash - Cylinder Deactivation Calibration [Mk8.5 Fiesta ST]

The 1.5-litre Dragon engine fitted to the Mk8.5 (facelift) Fiesta ST utilises a VDE (Variable Displacement Engine) setup which seamlessly deactivates one cylinder when cruising, or on coast-down to help with increasing fuel-efficiency and reducing Co2 output.

However, eagle-eared owners can pick up the somewhat strange noise this activation causes and in particular, when replacing or upgrading the exhaust system, this audible change becomes very apparent (and not in a good way)!

To support our exhaust and for m235 / m260 owners that have already fitted aftermarket exhaust products, our revised calibration option allows existing customers with modified exhaust systems to de-activate the VDE and prevent this noise from occurring.

Please specify your vehicle VIN in the notes section when checking out. and if the email used to make this purchase is different to the one used for your original SMARTflash purchase. Please also supply that to ensure the industrialised calibration to support your vehicle is created and sent to you correctly.

The file emailed to you can then be opened via the SMARTflash app and installed to your ecu, as is the case with all previous calibration updates.

Please note: you will require an m235 / m260 SMARTflash upgrade to be able to install this companion calibration.