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Subframe Alignment Kit [Mk4 Focus ST]

Subframe Position: Front

Get accurate front and rear subframe alignment on your Mk4 and Mk4.5 Focus ST with ease with the mountune subframe alignment kit.

The OE subframe assembly tolerance is quite substantial to allow for ease of installation during the build process, but this means that it's also quite usual to find cars where the subframe is a long way off from being central - and if your subframe is ever removed, it's almost impossible to put it back to where it was previously, too.

Our locking kit ensures this tolerance is tightened up and means that all elements of the subframe are properly centralised. It also ensures that if the subframe is removed, it always goes back into the same position.

Once your geometry has been correctly set with the alignment kit in place, you can be assured of optimum handling and geometry alignment and regardless of if the subframe is subsequently removed at a later stage.